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• Fuel Efficiency/Safe Driving Workshops
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• Fleet Fuel Efficiency Education Programs
• World and National Record Breaking
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Through education we want to reduce fuel consumption for all drivers globally by at least 10%, resulting in much lower carbon emissions and more money in people's pockets.

We want smarter, safer, fuel efficient driving to be COOL and FUN!

John Taylor

John Taylor has always been fascinated with record breaking and to this end has broken 46 speed world driving records, 47 fuel economy driving world records with his wife Helen, as well as many different countries national fuel economy driving records. Besides driving, John is listed in The World Records Book as having completed 21 “End to Ends” of walking, running, cycling twice and driving seventeen times, from John O’Groat’s Scotland’s most north easterly point to Lands End England’s most south westerly point, a distance varying from 840 miles to 900 miles (1440 km’s).

Helen Taylor

Helen Taylor, mother of three, with over 30 years business experience to her name became interested in fuel efficiency and safe driving from an early age. One of eight children and with no family car Helen strived to save enough money to buy a car that would enable her to explore and have freedom. Helen recalls one day she was going for a job interview and with the fuel tank empty light on and with only 79 cents in her pocket she put fuel in the car, she made the interview without running out of fuel, took the job and has been breaking world records and educating governments, fleets, media and the general public ever since on how to save fuel, save money, reduce CO2 emissions and safe driving.