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The 'World’s Most Fuel Efficient Couple', Helen and John Taylor, having broken 92 world driving records and numerous national driving records around the globe, are pleased to bring you a unique world class record driving opportunity.

How to apply to break a driving record

Application to break national and world fuel economy records

NOW IT’S YOUR TURN - by becoming an exclusive FUELAcademy member, you can apply to break your own countries fuel economy National Driving Record, or a World Fuel Economy Driving Record. Contact fuelacademy@gmail.com with the record you wish to break / create and we will get back to you with details on how to achieve your goal.

The Taylor's dream is to reduce CO2 global emissions by 10%. You can be part of this dream, as well as enhancing the environment you will be driving smarter, driving safer, saving money, saving fuel and reducing vehicle maintenance costs.

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER all category driving records will be recognised. Records created and broken using hybrids, electric, solar, eco-marathon, LPG, CNG, hydrogen, petrol and diesel propelled vehicles. All successful records broken will be commemorated with a FUELAcademy official certificate and you will be permitted to use data from this record in your advertising, marketing and PR campaign in your country, free of charge.

Honorary Adjudication Panel

  • FUELAcademy - Fuel Economy Specialists | World and National Driving Records

    As Aswan Consulting’s Principal Member since 1967, Patrick Swan has extensive experience in the following technical areas:

    • Forensic analysis of equipment failures, with special emphasis on oil wetted components and engines
    • Development and proof of performance of petroleum products
    • Negotiating OEM approvals for petroleum products on an international level
    • Assessing warranty liability in instances of equipment failure
    • Experience in mining, metals beneficiation, marine, paper and pulp, transport and general industries
    • Establish training needs and conduct training courses in lubrication engineering
    • Participation in international conferences, seminars and exhibitions
    • Creation of maintenance schedules for all types of industry
    • Maintenance of heavy equipment
    • Project management particularly with respect to marketing of technical products and services

    Patrick Swan, joined Barlows Tractor Division as a bursar and trainee manager in 1967. Responsibilities included warranty and oil analysis programme (SOAP). Joined Mobil in 1976 as a Fuels and Lubricants engineer, promoted to Technical Manager and, at the Mobil pull-out from South Africa, into Technology. Responsibilities included product development (fuels and lubricants), proof of performance and approvals. Is a Certificated Engineer (Mechanical, Factories), Technical Director of Lucas Lee and Associates and past President of the South African Institute of Tribology. The following professional memberships are held:

    • Member of the Institution of Certificated Mechanical and Electrical Engineers of South Africa
    • Member of the Associated Scientific and Technical Societies of South Africa
    • Registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa, number 200770115
    • Member of the South African Institute of Mechanical Engineers (SAIMechE)
    • Member of the Society of Tribologists and Lubricating Engineers (USA)
    • Past President of the South African Institute of Tribology
  • FUELAcademy - Fuel Economy Specialists | World and National Driving Records

    Philip Swindells was a Police Officer with over 35 years experience who has voluntarily given his support to a number of high profile events staged both nationally and internationally. These have included:

    • 20 World Record attempts in Singapore, where he undertook the role of Chief Adjudicator, ensuring that all Records were conducted in accordance with accepted guidelines and standards, in an open, transparent, fair and reasonable fashion
    • World Record Drives in Australia, inspecting odometer and trip meter readings at start and finish lines, ensuring road traffic act laws and every record regulation was strictly adhered to for successful record certification