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Fuel Efficiency Workshops

In the past 35 years, Helen and John Taylor have run fuel efficiency, safe driving workshops and clinics around the world, with each market having its own unique style and requirement. With our expertise in event management, we can organise and conduct any type of fuel efficiency, safe driving program from A to Z.

Fuel Efficiency Workshops

We have conducted hundreds of workshops in different countries, educating governments, fleets, media and the general public on how to save fuel, save money, reduce CO2 emissions, working hand in hand with our safe driving program. Workshops can be Taylor Made to suit your business or organisation, you will not be disappointed with the results.

For Example:
• Staff or clientele attend the Taylor’s Fuel Efficiency Driving presention.
• Then put their knowledge to the test! Go for an on road test drive, be personally instructed by Helen and John Taylor.
• FUN Competition with staff to see whom is the most fuel efficient and safe driver, great team building benefits.
• Incorporate fuel efficiency into your company fleet, offering staff incentives for saving company money at the pump.

Check out the different countries philosophies to see if it fits in with how you want to run your fuel efficient, safe driving program. Reduction in fuel use of 5% to 30% by previous attendees has resulted in massive cost savings and participants feeling pride about helping their company and the environment move forward.