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Celebrity Fuel Economy Challenge (Sydney)

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  • An exciting Fuel Economy challenge was organised involving local celebrities Lisa Wilkinson, Darrell Eastlake and Fiona Falkiner, stamping their mark publicly on better driving techniques. Commencing at the Clyde Refinery and completing a circuit that will take the driver’s to the Blue Mountains and back. Each driver had a navigator and their job was NOT to get them lost, to sing to them so they were calm and relaxed, and to ensure they abided by the road traffic act laws, and of course NO cheating! The celebrities were all aiming to raise money for their favourite charity and they put in a fantastic effort. Darrell Eastlake came out on top, with his winnings being donated to The Cancer Council. EVERY driver was a winner as they managed to reduce their fuel consumption significantly as well as demonstrating safe, responsible driving.

Fuel Economy Workshop exclusively for Coles Express (Melbourne)

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  • Coles Express invited the Taylor’s to present at a Fuel Economy workshop, sharing with the many attendees their experiences in record breaking. Stories of driving in different countries, meeting unusual beings, experiencing other cultures and fighting the elements a lot of the time. The enthusiastic, attentive people from all different walks of life were an amazing audience, and a short quiz at the end of the show told us that they listened and were pleased to participate.