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Media Fuel Economy Workshop and Challenge

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  • A country very wise to growing environmental concerns, and serious about making changes. We started off with a Fuel Economy Challenge between journalists. They were audience to a Fuel Economy workshop conducted by the Taylor’s; four cars were provided all identical. Odometer readings were taken, they drove a short controlled route and the fuel they used over that distance was measured. Of course the winner was delighted and able to gloat ‘victory’ in his newspaper report.

Danish Fuel Economy Champions take on a challenge

  • FUELAcademy - Fuel Economy Specialists | Fuel Efficiency Workshops
  • The Danes are very proud of their heritage of housing fantastic drivers, including the Nordic Fuel Economy champions. They were very excited to meet the Taylor’s and likewise we were honoured to meet these gentleman who were proud of their stance in the community. They attended a Fuel Economy Workshop held by the Taylor’s and then the competition began and we mean serious stuff… We followed different cars and watched their driving techniques, excellent skill and a pleasure to be part of this event. Did they learn anything on the day? The answer is YES. They believed it was better to take their car out of gear when going down a hill, in fact in a modern day car you use no fuel with your car in the highest gear possible, whereby with your car out of gear you waste a small percentage of fuel. We take our hats off to this nation of Fuel Economy wise drivers!