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Fleet Fuel Economy Workshops

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  • The participants were from major companies, keen to improve their fuel economy, of course reducing their overall fuel bill while being responsible to the environment. There is the added reward of less maintenance to fleet vehicles, when they are driven in the correct fashion. Each person’s previous driving was analysed, this gave a fuel economy figure (L/100 km, mpg) for each person to beat. In fact, they were to set their own individual records, playing against themselves. Following a six week duration each person’s fuel economy was checked, and the results saw that taking on board only a few of the better driving techniques they reduced their fuel consumption by 5% to 30%.

Fuel Economy Driving Experience - Magazine competition winners and Journalists

  • FUELAcademy - Fuel Economy Specialists | Fuel Efficiency Workshops
  • A competition was run through a key magazine in the Netherlands for their readers. The winners were to receive free driving lessons from the Taylor’s on their visit to Amsterdam. Additionally, journalists were invited to share the experience over the three days and conduct ‘on road’ interviews. The route was carefully planned, health and safety being of prime priority. Each participant had a different driving style varying between ‘leadfoot’ to extra ‘timid’, making the day interesting. They were all more enlightened about fuel economy, as well as having much fun into the bargain.