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January-February 2010
We are in Johannesburg South Africa and World Cup Fever is rife...

  • FUELAcademy - Fuel Economy Specialists | Fuel Efficiency Workshops
  • We took three lovely Gentlemen Cliffy Pillay, Jopie Murray and Stanley Ngiba, all employees of the South African Broadcasting Commission on the road for a Test Drive. Already competent drivers, however, we were able to share with them our Tips to help them get 'more out every drop' of their Fuel. Very quick learners, they will take their findings back to the workplace and spread the word with the opportunity for their company to save fuel, save money, drive safer and importantly improve their carbon footprint by reducing CO2 emissions.

More on-road driving clinics this time for celebrities

  • FUELAcademy - Fuel Economy Specialists | Fuel Efficiency Workshops
  • Car One: driven by female Chomee, at a young age of 23, most responsible and professional. Chomee wants to deliver positive Fuel Economy and Safe Driving Messages to her Fan Base.

    Car Two: driven by L'Vovo and Chaos, of the young male generation, who have taken the opportunity to show their admirers by putting into practice good driving techniques what a cocktail of rewards are reaped. Next to them sit the Taylors and enjoy 'tweaking' their driving styles, assisting them to be recipients of Fuel Economy/Safe Driving benefits.

    Car Three: driven by male Zweli Mdluli. In fact, Zweli's mother Rebecca Malopi (South Africa's Queen of Gospel singing), was expected to drive but she told us she was involved in a major traffic accident several years ago and now she is a very nervous driver. Zweli drives his mother most of the time. We put Zweli in the driver's seat and Rebecca as passenger, so she could share her talent with us along the way.

    Car Four: driven by South Africa's singing star Theo Kgosinkwe.

    Independent adjudicator Patrick Swan, observed all the drives. He ensured the fuel tanks were full at drive start, that fuel tanks were sealed and the seal not removed until drive conclusion, strictly under his supervision. All drivers delivered great results, improving on their past performance.